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Latest News

  • 26 August 2013

    Palm Oil Guide & Scanner

    Spectrum Solutions is proud to announce its latest partnership with the El Paso Zoo and their development of the world's first palm oil product scanner for the iphone and android . The app is designed to provide an easier method for consumers who are looking to make informed decisions regarding their palm oil.


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  • 02 April 2013

    GenMar Mfg Inc. E-Commerce System

    We are proud to announce a new website launch We are thanking GenMar Mfg Inc. for choosing an El Paso Web design Company and are happy that they are enjoying their new e-commerce system.

    GenMar Mfg. is the original handlebar riser company. Their handlebar risers are machined from billet aluminum and finished in either brushed aluminum or black anodized. Shaped like the base of your handlebar mount, they will raise the handlebars upward and back (due to the fork angle), still leaving the motorcycle with a very stock look. Most riders will have to sit on the bike to notice there is something different. It's more comfortable.

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  • 27 March 2013

    El Paso Physical Therapy - website launch

    We are very excited to have finally launched the new web design for the El Paso Physical Therapy website (! You’ll see things are looking fresh around there with new features and a new style. Not to mention, it’s all been completely re-coded from the ground up. EPPTS is an El Paso community based facility, that provides patients/clients with the highest quality of physical therapy services for restoring optimal health, function, and quality of life, by caring, creative, and knowledgeable professionals.

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  • Value of a website

    The value of a website is huge for any business or individual, from the smallest shop to the largest corporation. Why? Because it is a way of differentiating yourself from everyone else. It is a way for you to highlight your skills, and raise awareness of your business. When someone is deciding on where to eat, what to buy, where to fly to, they do the same thing. They do a web search, and they click on a website for more information. It is thus obvious what the value of a website is- it is a way to give information to willing individuals who will often turn into your clients.

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